“We can’t change the world over night but we can change the world of nightlife.”

We’re oriented towards the personal and human growth of each person. That’s why we share our knowledge and skills with the new generations, because they’re the future. We’re proud to introduce our startup called UGO, an ambitious project that wants to change the way people live nightlife.

UGO was born and thought by a group of crazy visionaries, with skills, creed, coming from very different backgrounds, all united by the one great love for music and technology.

The team at UGO HQ

We’re always on the look for young avant-gardists to join the squad.
If you like UGO and you believe in our vision, contact us.

Guido Lodetti

Co-founder & CEO

Matteo Duci

Co-founder & Product Manager

Yaser Ahmady

Co-founder & Art Director

Francesco Salizzoni

General Manager

Thomas Attuati

Co-founder & Backstage Manager

Alan Cariani

Co-founder & Area Manager

Marica Martella

Social Media Manager

Marco Bellebono

Co-founder & Brand Manager

Yamuna Maccarana

Data Scientist

Gabriele Murtas


Sara Parsani

Magazine Intern