Berliner’s Diary: club cultures and attitude

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Berlin is the city where you know when you go out but do not know when you come back. Who lives there knows it, it goes without saying. It’s the grey, dull, boring places out there, sparkling and chaotic in its heart. It is a city with its own personality, emotions, a loud and clear voice that speaks to the rhythm of the electronic music and the parties that invade it all day and night long, and day and night, and again day and night again. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, then the weekend and then start again. Berlin, the place of artists and loafer people who live together and often even correspond to each other. A city full of strong and special personalities, crazy people and weirdness. The town of record shops and clubs.

The long and cold winters invite you to lock into hot and crowded places, where sweat and breath are mixed with thoughts and pleasure, the physical one, the real one. Clubbing in Berlin is like making love. It is a long and violent orgasm that gives you goosebumps and shivers, vanished sighs remaining in painted toilets of nonsense writing and obscure darkrooms of endless nights.

Never ending queues and anxiety waiting, inaccessible doors…, almost. Naked bodies stuffed with poetry, wrapped in love and hate, but never in shame. A distant world so incredibly accessible. The way to not return is there, in front of all of us, just follow the right directions and then throw yourself away, closing your eyes, abandoning yourself to an unknown but fascinating destiny. Berlin is where music is the soundtrack of the young, free, beautiful and tormented souls. It is a red devil that stretches out his hand and shows a burning and fascinating world from which is difficult to stay away from.

This is not a text to praise the city but not quite the opposite. It is a spontaneous consideration inspired by the grey sky and a turntable that is running as if it were part of that journey to the fiery world from which we are attracted to. It is a deep and regular thought; it’s a statement. Berlin is the place where techno means not only music but freedom as well, hedonism, attitude and lifestyle. It’s where getting lost is synonymous with being found. It’s a world apart, a secret oasis that captures people, somehow changing them. It is the place where the club culture is stronger than anywhere else in the world, and where you can breathe it everywhere and everyday. In the air, in the subway, at the supermarket, at the spaeti, while buying cigarettes, you see the flyer where your dj is announced in one of your favourite venues within a few days. Berlin and music are two concentric circles dependent on each other and in the middle of them we are swinging helpless and powerless.

Club culture here is the mentality, not to be crazy or exaggerated. It is the desire to retrace ourself a parallel world to what reality can’t offer. It is the giving us hours of isolation from the social cages in which the daily life keeps us imprisoned. It’s a way out, the being able to feel rebellious but happy. It is the desire to be there, the sharing with people a passion flowing in the veins that helps us feel alive for better or for worse. It’s energy, the longing to escape the daily indoctrination, it’s a concrete and physical dream that can be captured and abused whenever you want. It is a scream that arose from the deepest of our ego rumbling like a battles cry and a manifestation of freedom and being. It’s our voice in a world that maybe doesn’t understand us.

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