Suddenly… Paradiso!

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The seventh edition of the Amsterdam Light festival, one of the biggest events in Europe, has been going on since few days.

From 29 November 2018 to 20 January 2019 Amsterdam will be transformed into the city of lights and become a real open-air museum. The theme for this year is The Medium is the Message. The light tells the story and the city of Amsterdam is the canvas.

In addition to the 30 artworks that will be shown in the city-center, we will release more on 15 December in the Paradiso with our event PXL, Paradise Xtra Light – a wonderland of light and beats.

The Paradiso has an incredible history: Paradiso’s restaurant was opened in 1968 by a group of artists who organized concerts and events for independent bands and local artists. After a number of economic and political setbacks, the Paradiso only gained real international recognition after the 1970s, where, even the Rolling Stones performed. Today, the Paradiso is one of the most famous clubs in Amsterdam, with different events and music genres.

Architecture is also an important element of the club.

The club is a former church from the 19th century, it’s a special place in terms of acoustics and atmosphere.

On the inside there are two rows of balconies and three large windows from where the stage is lit. The building has three different rooms a large, small and the basement. The building has a total capacity of 1500 visitors.

Vision Impossible & Veejays.com, a collective of passionate artists will provide visual art in all of the three halls. The large hall will be characterized by different types of screens on which various projections can be seen. In this space the VJs will be supported by techno sounds that will be performed by, among others, Japanese techno legend Ken Ishii.

The small room on the top floor will be characterized by the cooperation of Creative Club and Club1036. Underground house will dominate musically with Boris Werner as one of the most diverse DJs as main act. You can count on a magical concept, especially made for this event. De Kelder has a varied musical style of soul, disco, funk and hip-hop and is hosted by Kanpai and VJ Jayo Tony.

Who’ll join the event with UGO app will receive a green starlight, by wearing it during the event, you’ll become an interactive part of the e concept.

For one night we’re all going to transform the Paradiso into a temple of light and music.

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